Friday, August 28, 2015

Jean-Michel Jarre - Electronica Volume 1 - Video JM Jarre 8.15

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Prosuming tonight ELECTRONICA the new album project by Jean-Michel Jarre. Uploaded by himself on YouTube in August 28, 2015. Vol. 1 is now available for Pre-Order. The album will be released on October 16, 2015.
ELECTRONICA 1: The Time Machine
“Electronica is a concept based on the idea that I wanted to gather around me, people from different generations, people who have influenced me and being a constant source of inspiration, people who are shaping one way or another electronic music. It’s like gathering a tribe of friends, people sharing some similar vision to mine” Jean-Michel Jarre. 
“I had no idea in the beginning if this project was going to work but everybody I contacted said yes. It was also very important to me, to travel physically, to meet the collaborators, to have direct contact and work together properly. The project grew far beyond my expectations with a lot more collaborations than I thought at the beginning, so I decided to divide the project in two separate albums: Electronica 1 and Electronica 2” says Jarre discussing the challenge of marshaling 30-odd collaborations. 
With his selection of artists running from legendary contemporaries as diverse as Tangerine Dream through to The Who’s Pete Townshend and Laurie Anderson right through to established stars such as Moby, Erasure’s Vince Clarke and Air, and on to cutting-edge acts like Boys Noize, Fuck Buttons and Gesaffelstein, the challenge for Jarre was to maintain a level of consistency throughout the album. He did so by essentially composing the tracks themselves in order to help maintain his own sound across the wide variety of moods he managed to record. 
“The process I used almost systematically with each track on the album involved composing the track with each collaborator in mind. The whole challenge was to arrive with a demo that was convincing, but which also left enough space for the collaborator to work on that track and to change it and add their personality,” he says of the collaborative process. “It’s not something artificial, it’s not like featuring artists for the sake of it. For every artist, every collaborator in this project, there is a reason why, a reason why in terms of music, in terms of sound, inspiration; this creates the flesh of Electronica,” he states. “My whole life and career as musician is covered on this project through the different styles and facets of electronic music.” 
And with that, it is over to Jean-Michel himself to offer you, the listener, his own guided tour of what is arguably his most personal work to date. Or at least the first installment of that: Electronica 1 - The Time Machine...

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ''Downtown'' - Video Ryan Lewis 8.15

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Prosuming today this podcast uploaded on YouTube in August 27, 2015 by Ryan Lewis showing the official video release from soundtrack ''Downtown performed with Macklemore.
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis take listeners Downtown...
August 27, 2015 - Watch Downtown featuring Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee, Grandmaster Caz & Eric Nally Written by: Matthew McGuire. 
Macklemore + Ryan Lewis returns to the mobile screen with the hottest track of 2015 with ‘Downtown’. The video was released just moments ago. Dig into the heat, kick off your shoes, turn it up, and blow out your speakers. 
Catch the two musicians take over the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday on MTV. “There is layers to this shit player. Tiramisu, tiramisu.” – Macklemore

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Prosuming Simple Minds ''Live Dortmund 1984'' - Video SMI 8.15

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Prosuming today this soundtrack performed by Simple Minds and a story behind live concert given in Dortmund (Germany) in 1984 with 21 photographs selected by Jean Gregorio. 
´The soundtrack was used to produce this new podcast of numeric poetry edited in August 27, 2015 on Youtube, Blogger & Google+ by Sony Magellan Images 2.0
The story behind 21 pictures from Live Concert in Dortmund (1984) by Jean Gregorio
1 - Simple Minds - Dortmund (Germany) June 24, 1984.
2 - Is it Book Of Briliant Things ?
3 - Is it The American ?
4 - Is it Promised You a Miracle ?
5 - Is it Up on the Catwalk ?
6 - Is it Sparkle in the Rain ?
7 - or Waterfront ? Find it and remember !
8 - Simple Minds - Zurïch (Switzerland) April 13, 1984.
9 - New Gold Dream & Band (1981, 1982, 1983, 1984)
10 - Bass guitar : Derek Forbes...
11 - Lead vocal : Jim Kerr...
12 - Drums : Mel Gaynor...
13 - Guitars : Charlie Burchill...
14 - Pianos : Mick McNeil’s...
15 - Simple Minds are the five musicians from Scotland.
15 - Just my imagination running with me (for the making of this clip !)
16 - Simple Minds performs new wave and pop-rock...
17 - Band was funded in 1977 et named en 1978.
18 - Jim Kerr in 1978.
19 - Simple Minds becomes famous in 1984...
20 - It´s when the band supports Nelson Mandela...
21 - his fight against Apartheid in South Africa.
Selected soundtrack for Video SMI 8.15
''The American'' Remastered STEREO HQ performed by Simple Minds
in (Newcastle 1982) - England. Lenght Track : 5.56 mn
Another longer version was uploaded in October 3, 2010 on Youtube by Dexbam - Watch it also in this blogger clicking in Archives or visiting Label Nacht Barman 2.0 (NL)
Track lenght : 10.36 mn (High quality Live)

Friday, August 14, 2015

Prosuming Deadmau5 ft. Kaskade ''I remember'' - Video SMI 8.15

Hi passengers !
Prosuming today song ''I remember'' dedicated to my father Ramiro Gregorio born August 14, 1946 with the sound produced by Deadmau5 ft. Kaskade during this 4.46 lenght clip made with animated pictures created by GIF YOUR VID podcasted on Youtube Series Earth Passenger 2015.
Who´s Deadmau5 ?
Joel Thomas Zimmerman (born January 5, 1981), better known by his stage name deadmau5 (pronounced "dead mouse"), is a Canadian progressive-house music DJ and performer from Toronto, Ontario. 
Zimmerman produces a variety of styles within the house genre and sometimes other forms of electronic music. His tracks have been included in numerous compilation albums such as the 2007 In Search of Sunrise 6: Ibiza CD. 
The February 2008 issue of Mixmag‍ '​s music magazine included a free CD which was titled MixMag Presents: The Hottest New Name In Dance! DEADMAU5 Tech-Trance-Electro-Madness, mixed by Zimmerman. Tracks have also been included and presented on Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance radio show. 
His debut album, Get Scraped, was released in 2005, followed by others in the next few years. Today, deadmau5 is one of the highest paid electronic artists in the world. He has received six Grammy nominations for his work. As well as his own solo releases, Zimmerman has worked alongside other DJs and producers, such as Kaskade, MC Flipside, Rob Swire of Knife Party and Pendulum, Wolfgang Gartner, Bighorse, and on a number of releases, he has partnered with Melleefresh. 
An early 12" single produced on vinyl titled "I Don't Want No Other" was released by Joel Zimmerman and Derek Caesar under the group name "Dred and Karma". 
The 2006 album titled deadmau5 Circa 1998–2002 was released using the alias "Halcyon441". He has also collaborated with Steve Duda under the alias, "BSOD", as well as "WTF?" including Duda, Tommy Lee, and DJ Aero.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Prosuming Pretty Lights in ''Finally moving'' - Video SMI 7.15

Hi Passengers !
Prosuming today soundtrack ''Finally moving'' performed by Pretty Lights incorporated with animated pictures from GIF YOUR VID into this original SMI 7.15 video. 
Clip was produced by Jean Gregorio and podcasted in Youtube version on July 31, 2015 to remember the first post mortem aniversary of Alice Gregorio (1950 - 2014).
Video lenght : 4.39 mn
Selected GIF YOUR VID animated images for the video : ''Finally Moving''
1 - Jamie O'Brien Surfs Teahupo'o on Fire : (Hawaï - USA) 
2 - Most Incredible Basejump Site - Navagio Beach (Greece)
5 - +Red Bull Rampage from start to finish (Utah - USA) 
6 - Surf Mix (Oceans) 
7 - Cliff Jumping Havasupai 
8 - Epic Hot Air Balloon Rope Swing 
9 - Awesome #Surfing Mix Edition +Alana Blanchard 
Pretty Lights on tour  
Next Live Concert : August 8, 2015 
Performance : at Red Rocks Amphitheatre 
City : Morrison, Connecticut, USA.
Time : 8:00 pm 
Excited to announce Soulive as the very special guest for BOTH *sold out* (thank you!) shows at Red Rocks in 8 days....

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