Friday, July 31, 2015

''Summer '97 playlist for Alice Gregorio (SoundCloud) - Memento 7.15

Hi passengers !
I experimented today the SoundCloud platform to hear this melodious music performed by GRiZ : ''Summer '97 ft. Muzzy Bearr'' dedicated to Paulo Feliciano, a familiar friend from Caldas da Rainha born July 31, 1964. I wish for him in 2015 a better beautiful day of remembrance than in 2014 when he was celebrating 50 ^^
In memorium of Antonio Rato, Ramiro Leal, Fernando Feliciano & Francisca Gregorio. I send a special thought for Alexandre Leal, deceased at the age of 24 in April 5, 1997 and Maria Alice Feliciano Francisco esp. Gregorio, deceased in Caldas da Rainha (Portugal) on July 31 at the age of 63 after fighting cancer during 32 years.
In this celebration of Summer 2015, an awakenning has happened and a lot of things has changed all along this year. 
Yes music is our best to remember our death beloved but it´s also information, knowledge, beauty and love that you can share every day now with social networks sending automaticaly messages to your family and dear friends in each corner of the universe...
  • Written in Haarlem (Nederland) by Jean Gregorio 
 Antonio Rato and Jean Gregorio (Summer 1977)
The year of Voyager spacecrafts launch, they are still ticking in 2015.

Learn and love From Alice Gregorio visiting her page on »»»

Friday, July 24, 2015

''Fuzz Elements'' by Maxon - The Real Tube II - Mailing Sound 7.15

Hi passengers !
Since the 70's no evolution have been noticed in music. From air, earth, fire, ether, water, wind & void only computers have opened new areas with electronic sounds made of electricity.
Sounds from strings (violins, pianos & guitars) are my masterpieces in music and Maxon products has helped me to understand today how we perceive and create distorsions in magnetic fields. 
Universe is electro-magnetic at 98% and something harmonious has flown in the Cosmos to create the 2% which can be seen when we look into space...
 Let´s listen Fuzz Elements to hear it now ^^
  • Courtesy Jean Gregorio on July 24, 2015 
Real Tube II
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