Saturday, December 22, 2007

MANUII.FREE plays Hed Kandi - The nothern sound of Europe (Berlin, Amsterdam, London, 1997 - 2007)

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Manuii.Free presents tonight this selection of 37 videos performing the sound of Hed Kandi created by various artists from U.K. and Nothern Europe reunited by producer Mark Doyle...
Let's discover the sounds made by the label in the past 10 years between 1997 and 2007 with the following numeric report made on Web 2.0
Hed Kandi - 1997/2007
Hed Kandi is a UK-based record label and a music brand established in 1999 by Mark Doyle and specialising in Nu-Disco, a romantic variety of disco-box house music. Hed Kandi's catalogue includes both artist albums and various genres of club compilations. As well as producing music albums and compilations, Hed Kandi hosts events all over the world. 
From its well-known Saturday night parties in Ibiza to pool parties in Las Vegas, its distinct brand of upbeat house music, often accompanied by a live saxophonist and percussion player, can be found in several parts of the world.
Hed Kandi originated in 1997. Mark Doyle had already been running the jazzfm label and had released 2 compilations that did not really fit with the jazzfm sound (Nucool 1 & 2). Management asked if they could continue this style of music, but not directly linked to jazzfm records. Mark Doyle created the Hed Kandi name, chose and the illustration-based identity with the contributions of illustrator Jason Brooks. 
The label became its own entity and (still wholly owned by jazzfm) began growing to the current scale of operation. Within a few years Hed Kandi managed to put the whole station in profit for the first time in 10 years. Compilation releases included Beach Angel, Serve Chilled, Winter Chill, Back To Love, Disco Heaven, Disco Kandi and Twisted Disco, There were also artist albums by 45 dip, Afterlife and Anthea The brand was further promoted by radio shows on jazzfm & Galaxy. Fierce Angel began touring overseas first of all with parties in Amsterdam and Berlin and then launched its club in London. 
The first party, at Rouge, attracted over 3000 people to a 1000 capacity venue. Shortly after, Fierce Angel moved to Pacha London and still holds parties at the venue. The label had further success with hit records from Stonebridge ft Therese "Put Em High", which reached number 3 in the national charts. jazzfm was the spiritual home of hed kandi and the synergy between the two was what made the label such a success. Fierce Angel became a worldwide brand with large CD sales and events worldwide. 
Fierce Angel also launched the labels Stereo Sushi & Acid Lounge In July 2002, Guardian Media Group (GMG) purchased jazzfm as a going concern with a view to being able to format the station more commercially under the more relaxed radio licensing rules. GMG realised the potential of Hed Kandi and, while investing heavily in the infrastructure, the company also recruited a major record label exec to oversee operations. 
Unfortunately a number of creative, financial and policy issues led Mark Doyle to believe that his role would be more limited under the new owners and he left the company in June 2005. A short period followed in which Hed Kandi released CD's without input from Mark Doyle and in January 2006, Hed Kandi Records was acquired by the UK record company Ministry of Sound for an undisclosed sum. Since then, Mark Doyle and his team have created a new record label, Fierce Angel.
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Saturday, March 31, 2007

MANUII.FREE plays Mr ADAN - Numerica ArtParty (Live) & Red Mirror

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MANUII.FREE presents tonight this video performed by Mr ADAN with a sound which have caught my attention and has motivated the following numeric report made on Web 2.0
Mr ADAN brings new life to traditional electro music mixes by offering unusual and trendy sounds, and working his sets with a maximum of remixed tracks, with constantly renewed music with something "different."
Style & Influences : 
Vitalic, The Hacker, Kiko, 2ManyDJs, Beatorrent, Daft Punk, Justice, Sebastian, Crookers, Soulwax, Tiga, Data, Monosurround, Kitsuné, Mr Oizo, MSTRKRFT, David Guetta, Teenage Bad Girl, Xinobi, Simian Mobile Disco, Boys Noize, Laurent Garnier, John Lord Fonda, Madonna, Pryda, Felix Da Housecat, Fatboy Slim, Martin Solveig, Sebastien Leger, Uffie, Spitzer, DJ Mehdi, Tepr, Alan Braxe, Chemical Brothers, JoJo de Freq, Shinichi Osawa, Digitalism, Air, Cassius, ... and so many more...
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Monday, January 22, 2007

Frank Black - ''Calistan'' - Video AUDIO VISUAL FUN WITH JIMMY BIGNUTZ 1.7

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Mailing Sound prosumes tonight the soundtrack ''Calistan'' performed by Frank Black in John Henry Rehearsal Studio, London (UK) on 2001. 
The video was uploaded on YouTube in January 21, 2007 by AUDIO VISUAL FUN WITH JIMMY BIGNUTZ.
Who is Frank Black ?
Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV (born April 6, 1965) is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist. He is best known as the frontman of the influential alternative rock band Pixies, with whom he performs under the stage name Black Francis. 
Following the band's breakup in 1993, he embarked on a solo career under the name Frank Black. After releasing two albums with record label 4AD, he left the label and formed a new band, Frank Black and the Catholics. He re-adopted the name Black Francis in 2007.
...Black Francis
His vocal style has varied from a screaming, yowling delivery as lead vocalist of Pixies to a more measured and melodic style in his solo career. His cryptic lyrics mostly explore unconventional subjects, such as surrealism, incest and biblical violence, along with science fiction and surf culture. 
His use of atypical meter signatures, loud–quiet dynamics and distinct preference for live-to-two-track recording in his career as a solo artist give him a distinct style within alternative rock. 
As frontman of Pixies, his songs (such as "Where Is My Mind?" and "Debaser") received praise and citations from contemporaries, including Radiohead's Thom Yorke and Nirvana's Kurt Cobain. Cobain once said that "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was his attempt to "rip off the Pixies". 
Charles Thompson reformed Pixies in 2004 and continues to release solo records and tour as a solo artist.

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