Monday, December 16, 2013

MANUII.FREE plays Paul van Dyk for a Live Party on Google+

Hi Passengers !
MANUII.FREE celebrates tonight Paul van Dyk with this selection of videos used for a Live Dance Party on Google+ last saturday... 
The company presents also it best equipments to perform your own dancefloor at home which are available on official website : 
Enjoy and watch now a party follwing this link
Who is Paul van Dyk ? 
Matthias Paul, better known by his stage name Paul van Dyk born 16 December 1971, is a German Grammy Award-winning Trance music DJ, musician and record producer. One of the first true superstar DJs, Paul van Dyk was the first artist to receive a Grammy nomination in the newly added category of Best Dance/Electronic album for his 2003 release Reflections. 
He was named the World's No. 1 DJ in both 2005 and 2006, something less than a handful of DJs have ever achieved. Paul van Dyk is the only DJ to hold a spot in the World's Top 10 DJs since 1998. 
He is also the first DJ to be named No. 1 by Mixmag in 2005. In 2013 he was voted the No.1 DJ of all time by DJ Mag. As of 2007, he sold over 4.5 million albums worldwide. A trance producer starting in the early 1990s, Paul quickly achieved popularity with his remix of "Love Stimulation" by Humate on the record label MFS in 1993 and with his hit single "For an Angel" but, in recent times, he no longer likes to describe his music as trance, but rather simply as electronic dance music...
The nucleus: From the origin of a single remix, an extraordinary music career set in motion… Throughout its course, it has given rise to terms including ‘genre creator’, ‘visionary’ and ‘studio maven’, as well as others like ‘pacifist’, ‘activist’ and ‘world-citizen’. 
All designations regularly used to describe the life and times of Grammy-nominated DJ/producer and dance music icon, Paul van Dyk. Following the scene’s first gleaming, 20 + years ago, he became trance music’s internationally recognized torchbearer. From there he’s gone from vanguard to its single most enduring influence. 
The DJ: After a brief spell residing in Hamburg, Paul moved back to his native Berlin at the start of ‘91. He made his first ever DJ appearance in March of that year, during the opening month of fast-to-become-legendary techno temple, Tresor. From there he began to build a spinning career, which, by ‘97 had unlocked the door to its highest echelons. 
As the twin phenomena of Superclubs and the DJ-as-a-rock-star collided, he found himself not only as trance’s most synonymous producer, but also its figurehead DJ. A virtuoso performer, van Dyk now circles the globe 16 times each year, entertaining an average 3 million + music lovers along the way. 
On Barra Beach in Rio, during the 2008 New Years celebrations, he famously spun to an unprecedented (and then record) audience totaling 1.5 million. Van Dyk has held sway over dance floors in every EDM-speaking country in the world. He holds the record for the longest unbroken run inside the ranks of the DJ Mag Top 100, has twice reached the no.1 position and on aggregated positions is the single most popular spinner ever to enter the chart.

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